business-visa-australiaGive your Business Visa Australia The Best Chance of Success

Many business owners, investors and senior managers each year emigrate to Australia to pursue new business and family lives down under. Business migrants are influenced by a range of factors to emigrate, some quite personal and other factors commonly shared – a desire to live in a warmer climate for example or perhaps to pursue a new business opportunity.

One of the biggest challenges becoming a business migrant to Australia is successfully obtaining an Australian business visa. Even with high levels of ability and wide experience in business management or investment activities, most business people can still be stumped by complex visas requirements the Australian government has established to assess them as a possible business migrant.

To make matters more challenging, many business people are also time-poor – excellent time managers – but still time-poor, after all, there are only so many hours in the day. Their schedules are an ongoing balancing act between business commitments and family life. Having to then study and understand business migration rules and regulations for hours and hours can be a daunting prospect.

If you are a business person reading this who is looking at applying for an Australian business visa and perhaps can relate to what I have said, consider the significant amount of work and possible stress you will be adding to your already full life.

Are you ready to take this on?

There are no guarantees of success when making an application despite the complex process you must go through, but you have to give yourself the best chance of success of when taking on the process.

As an Australian registered migration agents acting for our clients, we can effectively and competently navigate the maze of Australian Immigration system, and lead our client from lodging an application through to visa approval, start to finish.

We are currently registered as migration agents through the Migration Agent Regulation Authority (MARN 1280062). The Australian Department of Immigration strongly recommends to anyone who intends to engage a migration agent to ensure they are a registered agent.

We work hard at being an Australian business visa specialist and having significant experience in preparing and lodging business visa Australia applications with the Department of Immigration.

As a client:-

  • You will be confident that your business visa Australia application is being handled professionally
  • You will save hours of precious time by letting a specialist handle your application
  • You will be well-informed and prepared for your move to Australia
  • You will reduce stress for yourself and your family overall

What a client can expect from us:

  • A tailor-made service when it comes to preparing the visa application
  • Preparation of all visa application forms
  • Certification of documents if required
  • Detailed list and explanations of documents required to satisfy the case officer
  • Assistance with how to go about obtaining or preparation necessary documents
  • Original client documents will be kept safely and returned a confirmed address if necessary
  • Regular updates on file progress
  • Advice and guidance on many aspects of moving to Australia
  • Continuing relationship after visa approval for any questions that may arise
  • Personalised, friendly and efficient approach
  • Direct agent to client communications at all times
  • Client confidentiality assured
  • Reasonable professional fee charges

We can explain the complex visa requirements in terms our clients will understand, We can also help them understand any issues they may be facing in their particular situation and offer help on how to move forward. We guide my clients every step of the way on specific evidence they need to provide to satisfy the government case officers. Nothing is left up to our client to figure out for themselves which will expand their time and energy unnecessarily. Obtaining a full assessment of eligibility for a business visa Australia is a must for any business person thinking about emigrating to Australia. It’s the important first step. Our assessment is professional, efficient and stress-free.

You may also want to check out some employment websites such as the directory to get an idea of today’s popular careers and businesses in Australia.

We hope that you find what you need in terms of information or advice about business visas to Australia, or the Australian immigration process, in general, whether it’s through us or any other agents or resources.

When it comes to your visa application – the action plan of your dreams and aspirations for emigrating to Australia, there are no guarantees. Anyone who tells you different is kidding you. Be smart about the approach which is going to give you the best chance of success and help you keep your mental health intact for the duration. When you finally have your visa in hand, the possibilities of life in Australia really begin to become a certainty. Contact us and get more information about your particular situation.

Registered Migration Agents must abide by the Code of Conduct established by the Migration Agents Registration Authority